I have this playlist on my phone that whenever I’m feeling down, I put it on, and it brings up whatever it is that I’m feeling.  Maybe I deal with it, maybe I don’t.  But it’s become a source of comfort for me the past few weeks, as I traverse the streets, listening to the gentle songs.  

All of the songs have a sense of belonging, moving forward, and of eternal happiness.  I suppose all songs are a reflection of that quest, right?  Though one could argue that “Old MacDonald” is not, but even he has everything that he could want on his farm.  Chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, cows….with a moo, moo here and a moo, moo there.  Still, he is content.

Each of the songs on the list goes back to a particular person or time in my life.  Something that I feel has shaped me.  Some of them are newer songs, some of them are songs that someone might go…”What?”  Still, they are a road map to my inner psyche.  Whether you want to follow that map or not, the answer is right there, and the X marks the spot.  

If you’re curious…and I know you are…the playlist includes the following:

We Will Find A Way (from Corrina, Corrina)
Man In the Mirror (by Michael Jackson)
Somewhere (from West Side Story) 
So Far Away (by Carole King)
Back to Before (from the musical Ragtime)
Louder than Words (from the musical Tick Tick Boom)
Feels Like Home (from Randy Newman’s Faust)
My Immortal (by Evanescence)
Collide (by Howie Day)
Southbound Train (sung by Sally Mayes)
Once Upon a Time (from the musical Brooklyn)
Home (sung by Michael Buble)
I Could Fall in Love (sung by Selena)
I Need You (sung by LeAnn Rimes)
More Than Words (sung by Extreme)
Superman (sung by Five For Fighting)
A Way Back to Then (from the musical Title of Show)
Yesterday (sung by the Beatles)
Let It Be (by the Beatles, but from the soundtrack from Across the Universe)

So there you have it.  

What does it mean?  I suppose that’s for you to guess/speculate/ponder/pontificate/whatever.  I just listen to it.  And love what each of the songs say to me.  

Happy June


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