Two Roads

Life, whatever it may be, is always changing.  We’re bound for new destinations, bound for places we expected to be, or even expected not to be.  Even when we’re stagnant, we continue to adapt and change, usually not for the good, though that is all within the eye of the beholder.

I’ve always believed that people are like highways.  Every single person, a highway of their own, taking them past the beautiful, the ugly, the ordinary, the strange.  And just like the highway system of these great United States, sometimes Highway 15 merges with Highway 36 to become a superhighway for a stretch of time.  Think of all the different highways that feed into Interstate 95.  The same with 99 out here on the west coast.  We join up, and and move forward, to whatever our new destination is, wherever it may take us.  And along that road, we see what the world has to offer, open to new ideas…until we aren’t anymore.

Two highways that form together to make a relationship.  Moving forward, creating momentum, until the final destination is reached.

When that relationship has run its course, each of those highways go off to their own separate destinations.

Maybe this is an out-there view of relationships, but it seems to be the coping mechanism I have now, after five years of traveling the same highway.  Five years of ups and downs, good times and bad, supporting each other when we needed it most, and allowing the other person to rant and rave, so they didn’t lose their mind.  Creating a safe haven where no judgment was allowed to enter.

But the highway is now heading to a different destination, one of a richer self-enlightenment, that I am no longer part of.  No amount of talking, discussing, pleading, or anything can change the course…and therefore, I continue on.

I know the road I am is not finished.  I can see miles and miles ahead of me.  I just wasn’t expecting it it to become a one-way street so soon.  But in time, I know that the road will become another two-lane highway, even possibly another super highway, to whatever the final destination may be.

Here’s to the last five years.

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.
–Lucius Annaeus Seneca


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