Debbie Downer Does Blog Postings

All right, so those of you who have read my blog postings (and I think there are five of you who might have) know that recently things have been somewhat depressing and sad.

I am going to write about positive things moving forward, but am allowed to finish with this one. I reserve the right. It’s my blog, dammit.

After five years, this relationship is over.

I can’t begin to understand why, though I have racked my brain trying to understand what exactly happened. Perhaps writing about it will help me have some clarity. And if not, it will be cathartic.

I thought we were happy, and thought I was doing everything that was important in a relationship and communicating. Five years of our lives meshed, a world created so that we could be together, and move forward.

But now, that’s all over. One day, it was over.

I was there to support, and be there through thick and thin. I was there to comfort him, to protect him, to keep him out of harm’s way, and to go to bat for him over and over again.

But it wasn’t good enough.

And now, as he says goodbye, he is ready to move on, to completely erase me from his memory, from his life, from his history.

I will cry a few more nights, and I will remain confused. Hurt and angry. But I feel that I’m getting over it and will be better for it in time.

So…on to happier things. :-).


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