Random Tidbits

1.  I just finished opening weekend with some fantastic kids at Enumclaw High School, performing in their production of “The Diviners.”  The role I’m playing is CC Showers.  They are great to work with.  It has been a lot of fun to serve as their guest artist.  Only three more shows of this production left.

2.  After said weekend, I am exhausted.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.

3.  I got a little misty last night at Cinderella’s transformation sequence in Disney’s, “Cinderella.”  I’ve seen that sequence a thousand times, but it was magical.  I forgot how charming that little film was.

4.  I could use a vacation.  An all-expense paid vacation to either sit on a beach somewhere and drink Mai Tais or to perhaps even the Magic Kingdom itself.  Any volunteers want to help this nice guy out and foot the bill?  My current job doesn’t offer any vacation, and so the idea of even taking one is remote.  I’m working myself to the bone.

5.  I’m looking for a new job here in Seattle.  I’m smart, funny, nice, talented, and I will work for a company that values their employees.  But I do NOT want to do sales.  I simply hate sales.  I don’t have that killer instinct.  Something that still allows me to do theatre.  🙂  Any thoughts?  🙂

6.  There was snow on the hills as I was driving to Enumclaw.  It was beautiful.  A small dusting, but something that was perfect.  The leaves were changing still, and yet the winter was coming.  It was like something out of a fantasy movie, where the two worlds meet, and it’s obvious.  It was absolutely amazing.

7.  I got a ticket.  😦  My fault.  I was going too fast in an unfamiliar area.  Though to be fair, 55 to 35 in one second is rude, City of Buckley.  But I will pay my ticket.  And be that much poorer about it.

8.  I’m ready for Christmas.  I love it.  And I can’t wait to start listening to the music.

9.  I need a bedside table.  If I were handy enough with wood working tools, I would build one.  But that would be a disaster for all involved, and so I shall not even attempt it.  That’s what stores are for.

10.  Please see number 4.


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