Moving Forward

Hello blog readers!

It is December 2nd.  And now, with those previous posts (don’t scroll down, seriously, I beg you) behind me, I feel my spirits lifting.  It’s funny.  Things are not better, really.  In fact, they are just the same.  I’m still in a soul-sucking job, and I am not quite sure what the next step will be regarding my health insurance situation, but i am starting to have a lot more confidence and faith that things are going to work out.  They have to.  I’ve gone about as fer as I can go, right?  

I’ve begun submitting resumes, and hopefully, I will land somewhere where my skills will be put to good use.  Somewhere where the person in charge won’t consider me as disposable as a Kleenex, and I’ll be able to thrive.  

I don’t want to be a millionaire (okay, I do), I don’t want to be insanely famous (maybe a little bit of fame…but only to help those less fortunate than myself out…I would use my powers for good!) nor do I want to be so detached from reality that I can no longer relate to people (no parenthetical…except for this one).  I simply want my basic needs met, having a little bit extra, and not having to worry month to month to month about whether or not I am going to have the basic needs necessary to survive.

It’s rough out there.  It’s even more difficult if you are providing your own insurance program.  Obamacare, or the Affordable Health Care Act, can’t come fast enough.  At least then I would feel as though I have options.  Currently, though, I am stuck paying my own insurance at $730 a month beginning in January, and I don’t now how that’s going to happen, short of continuing to slave at a job that is wreaking havoc on my soul, my heart, and my body.  

But I can’t wallow in that.  I *have* to move forward, otherwise I’ll get stuck.  And I’ve been through some tough stuff to let this get in the way.  So, one foot in front of the other, and just keep walking on.  Wherever the journey takes me, I’ll be happy to get there.  And if I happen to meet a couple of nice and able people who want to assist me along the way, well, so much the better.  

I’m off to begin teaching today.  Something I love, and looking forward to working with some great students.  

I hope today is a good day for you.  

Be kind to yourself.  


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