TONIGHT: As presented by the End of the World Players

TONIGHT: WEST SIDE STORY as presented by the End of the World Players….

Tonight, tonight
The world will end tonight
With clouds of doom and fire raining down

Tonight, tonight
We’ll all die after tonight
So, F it all, let’s get drunk and go to town!!

Today, the world is somewhat rainy
A normal kind of Thursday
That opened with dawn’s light

But here we are
The final hours circling our star!

MARIA: Un momento, Papa.
OFFSTAGE: No tenemos un minuto! Hay que prepararse para el fin del mundo, y el fuego del infierno y la condenación!
MARIA: Si, Papa, si.

Tonight, tonight
We’ll all just die tonight
With suns and moons all over the place

The bits of the sky
Will burn out every eye
Leaving horrible scars upon my face!!

Today, the world was just an address
A place for us to live in,
But if the Mayans were right….

Just get with me
Cause tomorrow, you’ll be consequence-free!
We’re done tonight!


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