Monthly Archives: July 2013


Hello world! I’m writing with the hopes that you have a generous heart.

I’m participating in the Seattle HIV AIDS walk to raise money for those living with those diseases. We are on the precipice of some major breakthroughs but money is still necessary to help those in need.

This is not a scam. It’s a very real thing.

I recognize this is a long shot but I’m accepting donation for this cause at the link at the bottom of this page. It’s only a minimum of $5 donation and completely tax deductible within the US.

I hope you’ll be kind and donate. Every dollar starts a ripple effect for those in need. I know. I am a recipient myself. Thank you.


Budget Cuts

I’m getting ready to start a new adventure, directing a show that is very near and dear to my heart.  The meeting I had on Friday, however, left me feeling somewhat disheartened.

The theatre company, due to some incompetence on their former executive director’s part, has been forced to cut the budgets for all the shows by 50%.

Whoa.  That’s a lot.  I don’t profess to understand the inner workings of the theatre, but one thing is clear:  perhaps producing five extravagant shows on a shoestring budget doesn’t make as much sense.

But there’s the rub.  Which show do you cut, if any?  And if there are no thoughts for fundraising in place, how can you guarantee that the show/theatre/et cetera is going to be in place by the time my show, the fifth in the series, can be produced?

It is a conundrum.

I just have to hope that the theatre gods will somehow smile down and everything will work out.

Praying, praying, praying, praying….