Monthly Archives: February 2015

Disney MagicĀ 

I’m just returning from two days at Disney World.  A little vacation.   It was lovely, as I got to spend time with my boyfriend and we had a great time.   But a couple of observations about my trip: 

  1. Flying standby is stressful.   I mean it’s actually a lot like gambling.   You roll the dice and hopefully are lucky enough to get on the plane.   We were lucky both times.   But it was very very close.   
  2. We were upgraded at Disney to a suite.    It was awesome.  Thank you Disney!   
  3. The magic seems to be gone.   Once upon a Time, there were characters walking around and spreading magic unexpectedly/.  Now, everything feels so regimented and organized, there don’t seem to be any unexpected surprises.   Meeting Mickey Mouse on Main Street?   No.   Peter Pan in Fantasyland just hanging out?   Uh-uh.   I. Get why they have to cordon off the characters but it just feels so…empty. 
  4. It feels as though the world loses their brain when in a theme park environment.   Like suddenly manners and grace go out the window.  
  5. This next point is tied in and I may get some hate mail for this thought … But it seems as though you need to wear steel-toes boots when at the park.   Not because children are running over your feet, which they do, but for all the rascals and scooters that permeate the park. Yes. The ones that children are in too.  Maybe I’m a grumpy old man, but just because you’re driving a vehicle that is supposed to aid you doesn’t mean you have to be so completely rude and inconsiderate.    I always say excuse me and thank you when passing someone.   And I’m highly aware of my surroundings when walking forward.    But if you’re traveling in a scooter from behind and you are approaching me three times as fast as I’m walking, perhaps a kind excuse me or some sort of warning could be sounded.   A bell?  A nice horn?  Something?   It’s crowded and I will gladly get out of your way.   However I don’t have eyes in the back of my head and I cannot see you behind me. So don’t hit me.   And while we are at it, if your child is “too exhausted” to walk the length of the park, mayb they shouldn’t be pushed in a stroller eating hot dogs, chips and ice cream.  Those kids didn’t get fat on their own.    Figure it out.  Same goes for the Rascal Flatts crowd.  No one is fooled by your disability in a scooter when you’re eating three hot dogs.   Yesx that happened.   Yes you have diabetes.  Walk and rest on a bench instead of thinking the sidewalks are your own personal autobahn.   
  6. When I see magical moments, I still get a little teary-eyed.   The mirror in Belle’s Cottage was amazing.   And the little boy dancing with her was awesome.   
  7. Looking forward to going back but two days is just simply not enough.  
  8. The new FastPass+ system is pretty cool.   I was apprehensive of it at first but really enjoyed the experience overall.   

That’s all for now.