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Facebook Free

Hi bloggers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had some time to sit down at my computer and craft a well-thought-out blog post.  But let’s be honest…my posts have never been well thought out.  Nor have they been what anyone could consider crafted.  Usually it’s a random blathering of thoughts expunged through my fingertips through the processor, appearing magically before my eyes on the screen like some sort of new age wizardry.  And I accept and embrace that wholeheartedly.

I could take to these pages to tell you about last weekend, after grocery shopping and feeling ravenous, that instead of waiting for my dinner to be cooked (a mere 45) minutes, I went to the store, bought a bag of Doritos, promptly ate half of the bag, and then went to McDonald’s, and ate a double-quarter pounder with cheese, and THEN ate my entire dinner — a medium-sized pizza.  I could tell you about that, but then the guilt starts.  But let me tell you now…  A boy’s gotta eat.

I could tell you about the problems I’m having at work — feeling bored, unchallenged, all of those things.  But in the larger scheme of things, it’s all sort of moot because I have a job.

I could wax poetically about how this Wednesday, my cat is going to live in a new home.  And honestly, I’m a little torn by it, as I’ve been the only parent kitty has ever had.  He’s been my buddy through thick and thin…and he’s really a good cat.  I just am not home anymore due to work and other responsibilities I have that I don’t feel it’s fair to him to be stuck at home all day by himself.  He’s going to a family that will have a lot more time to be able to care for him.  But that will make me weep — so I won’t talk about that.  Maybe in another post — about two years from now, when I finally get the desire to post again.

No, today I’m writing about my recent Facebook free month I self-imposed.

A little history:

I’ve been on Facebook since I think 2006?  2007?  I don’t remember.  It’s been so long.  I’ve submitted my photos, I shared whimsical updates, I shared statuses and the like…but I found that all these years later, a few election cycles later, and constant click-baiting by other websites, it just got to be too much.  People with whom I was acquainted in real life and then Facebook friends would post things that showed their true colors more than anything.  I suppose bravo to them for being so incredibly brave to say those things…but I was always taught that sometimes it’s better to be seen and not heard, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Plus EVERYONE has an opinion on everything.

An innocuous type post, one designed to be positive and happy, could be completely tainted because Joe Schmoe in PoDunk, PoDunkia decides they either don’t like what you’re saying or don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, but feel the need to respond.  Why?  I don’t know.

Case in point.  I had posted an article on Facebook talking about a recent breakthrough in a disease and the promising signs of research.  I posted the link, and simply wrote above it :  Progress.  Encouraging news!

Well, Suzy Shithead came along five seconds later and posted something to the effects of “Don’t get too excited.  This disease is hard to beat, and no one has done it yet.  There’s probably a reason it’s here to stay.”

Okay, okay, okay…stop the train.  WHY must she be so negative?  I mean — I was excited.  As someone who suffers from said disease, I couldn’t fathom why she needed to be so cruel.  Is it because she has the safety of her computer to hide behind?  Most likely.  I mean, it seems like more and more people are willing to say absolutely bat-shit bonker things when they can hide behind their computer screen.  They don’t have to put a human face on anything — tragedy or otherwise.

I guess the point here is that I do my best to radiate light — random mumbo jumbo stuff.  You know, support people, build them up, help them succeed…that it’s hard for me to understand why people feel the need to project negativity and anger out in the world.

That’s just one instance — but it was enough that I was like, you know what?  I need to take a step back and disconnect.  So I put up an unplugged message, changed my cover photo, and said goodbye to Facebook.  I gave my contact information on my cover image in case anyone needed to get a hold of me.  And then — my month-long sabbatical began.

At first it was difficult.  At first, I would find myself out of habit typing in the URL on my computer when things were slow.  I would never log in…I’d get as far as the log in screen and go, “Oh, yeah, I’m not doing that!”  And over time, it just got easier and easier.  I found myself occupying my time with other things — Japanese class, writing, spending quality time with my boyfriend and friends, working out (so I can have double quarter pounders with cheese and pizzas on the same night) and just not being tied to my computer all the time.

It was liberating.  It is liberating in a way.  I find myself not really caring what’s going on in the world of Facebook.  I consider myself well-informed enough that if a story happens that is important, I’ll catch it on a news site, through conversation, et cetera.  But Facebook seemed to just be a huge time waster.  I didn’t really need to be there for my life to continue to happen.  Unplugging wasn’t really unplugging at all…it was just removing an obstacle from the things that I actually enjoy.

Interesting side note – I have over 1,200 friends on Facebook.  Out of the 1,200 that I have and am not in regular contact with, guess how many actually took the time to reach out to me and say something?  If you said zero, you would be correct.  I found that to be interesting, honestly.  Not one single person felt the need to reach out outside of the book of Face in order to see if I was alive or dead.  Perspective.

My self-imposed sabbatical is up on Tuesday.  Will I return to Facebook?  Maybe. I’m sure my Farmville crops are dead (just kidding, I don’t play Farmville…Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the way to go!).  I’m sure there are a few messages I may need to respond to, or invites…but the thing is…I don’t really care or need it.  I mean, if I have it, great.  If not, great.  It feels good to be able to get back to what it is I like to do — which is live my life, and not be glued to watching other people’s prepackaged presentations of how wonderful their life is or could be.

Mine is pretty great without all of those distractions, and 9183013091098 likes.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll chat with you soon.



What you are witnessing is real.  Do not judge.

I needed a dose of nostalgia for some reason this weekend, and so I started Friday night, and continued until Sunday morning at 2:32 PM.  And managed to watch the entire first season of…

wait for it…


Yes.  THAT COSBY show.  cosbyshow_main_max

I needed me a little Theo, a little Vanessa, a dash of Denise, some Sondra, lovable Rudy, and of course Clair and Cliff.  All the heavenly Huxtables on my television screen, streaming from Hulu like manna from heaven.

It was exactly what I needed.

I don’t know why I needed to watch the show, however, as I sat there watching each and every episode the thing that struck me was how much they all loved each other.  You could just tell, from beginning to end of each episode, that it was all done with love.  And I get that they are television characters…not real at all.

But I remember growing up, and when this show was on the air for the first time, and just really, really, REALLY wishing that my family was as centered, as loving, as fun as this family.  I won’t go into what a horrible childhood I had, because it wasn’t horrible at all.  It was functionally dysfunctional.  And I’m all the better for it.  We all seem to get along much better as adults than independently-minded kids.  Go figure.

Anyway, it was a nice blast from the past to visit the Huxtable clan, and see them all in their silliness.  And yes, I will probably continue and watch the rest of the seasons at some point.  Because it makes me happy.

God bless you, Huxtable clan and Hulu Streaming.

Random Tidbits

1.  I just finished opening weekend with some fantastic kids at Enumclaw High School, performing in their production of “The Diviners.”  The role I’m playing is CC Showers.  They are great to work with.  It has been a lot of fun to serve as their guest artist.  Only three more shows of this production left.

2.  After said weekend, I am exhausted.  Mentally, physically, emotionally.

3.  I got a little misty last night at Cinderella’s transformation sequence in Disney’s, “Cinderella.”  I’ve seen that sequence a thousand times, but it was magical.  I forgot how charming that little film was.

4.  I could use a vacation.  An all-expense paid vacation to either sit on a beach somewhere and drink Mai Tais or to perhaps even the Magic Kingdom itself.  Any volunteers want to help this nice guy out and foot the bill?  My current job doesn’t offer any vacation, and so the idea of even taking one is remote.  I’m working myself to the bone.

5.  I’m looking for a new job here in Seattle.  I’m smart, funny, nice, talented, and I will work for a company that values their employees.  But I do NOT want to do sales.  I simply hate sales.  I don’t have that killer instinct.  Something that still allows me to do theatre.  🙂  Any thoughts?  🙂

6.  There was snow on the hills as I was driving to Enumclaw.  It was beautiful.  A small dusting, but something that was perfect.  The leaves were changing still, and yet the winter was coming.  It was like something out of a fantasy movie, where the two worlds meet, and it’s obvious.  It was absolutely amazing.

7.  I got a ticket.  😦  My fault.  I was going too fast in an unfamiliar area.  Though to be fair, 55 to 35 in one second is rude, City of Buckley.  But I will pay my ticket.  And be that much poorer about it.

8.  I’m ready for Christmas.  I love it.  And I can’t wait to start listening to the music.

9.  I need a bedside table.  If I were handy enough with wood working tools, I would build one.  But that would be a disaster for all involved, and so I shall not even attempt it.  That’s what stores are for.

10.  Please see number 4.

Worst American Ever

I have a confession to make.  And in doing so, I admit that I may receive some grief about it.  But it has to be said.  It just has to.  It’s time to come out of the closet and say what I need to say.

No, not that.  You already know that.  Sheesh.  No need to hide my rainbow-flag-flying self.

What I am admitting is that I did not watch a single event of the summer Olympics.  NOT.  ONE.  SINGLE.  EVENT. Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

Now, before you go brandishing your Olympic torches at me, and tell me to defect to another country where they don’t care about the Olympics, and all of that, give me a chance to explain.  Please!  For the love of all things holy, let me plead my case.

I did not watch the Olympics because of the following reasons:

  • I do not have access to regular TV.  I suppose I could have streamed them, but that would have taken a lot of effort.
  • The summer Olympics are not that exciting.  And besides, if I wanted to see guys in speedos, I could find other places without having to wait through a bunch of  sporting events.
  • Sports.  They’re not my thing.  Growing up, my dad used to watch football on TV.  **Yawn**.  No thanks.  I have been to several sporting events, and enjoy the experience, the roar of the crowd…but really, I was much more interested in the cheerleaders and their dance routines, so I could figure out what they were going to do and then borrow it for my own production in my backyard.
  • I just don’t care about sports.

I don’t.  I never have.  Now, not all sports.  I love figure skating (gay) in the winter, and will watch that when I get a chance.  But it just feels like so much money is put into the games, focusing on athletes whose careers are over by the time they’re 20.

Honestly, it makes me feel like we’re in high school all over again.  Where sports reigns supreme, and the theatre nerds like myself, are shoved off to the side.

I get that it’s a chance for the nations to come together and all of that.  But it just doesn’t hold any sway for me.  Maybe I’m weird.  I don’t know.

I am not begrudging any of the Olympic athletes.  I think they are absolutely phenomenal at what they do.  I wouldn’t even begin to do what they do.  They are amazing.  I could go on for paragraphs about their athleticism, their dedication, and all of that.  I respect them, absolutely.  It takes balls to do what they do, time and time again.

But I don’t care.  I am sure most of them are very nice people, but I feel like they would rather punch me in the face.  And I don’t like that feeling one bit.

I know, I know.  Time to let it go.  And I will.  At least until the winter Olympics, when I can settle in and enjoy my figure skating.

I suppose I should turn in my American citizenry.  I’ll write to you from my new home in Kiribati.


Random Art and Sock Update

Hello blog followers (wahoo!  I’m up to nine!)  🙂

Today, on my walk about, I took a couple photos.  They’re all right, but what I really was after was getting a photo of that sock that I mentioned in a previous post.  And just as I figured, the sock has moved on.  Maybe a coyote took it.  Or maybe it finally grew enough bio material inside its cloth fabric that it just got itself up and moved away.  In any case, it was gone.

No, I wasn’t heartbroken over the sock.  But I was a bit sad.  It was like seeing an old friend who is suddenly gone, no warning, no anything.  Just gone without a trace.  I hope wherever the sock is, he’s happy (it is a he.  And his name is Bunko.  And he has a family who misses him very much).

In other random news, on this walk, I took an unusual turn and ended up in this neighborhood where someone was doing construction on their house.  Well, not at that exact time.  But clearly, their home was in a state of flux, as it appeared to be halfway to shingled, and there were bits of construction-like material strewn about the lawn.

What caught my eye was this.  And fortunately, I had my camera with me.  And I took two photos.  The pictures aren’t that great, but I thought I would share one of them.  Dragon sculpture

Talk about finding art in random places.  Right there, in his front yard.  It was great to see it.  So beautiful, yet not done.  He had carved it out of some trees that had either died, or were on their way to dying.  And now, they have a new life as art.

I was so happy to stumble upon this.

And, on top of the random find, there in the base of the statue, was a guest book that he had left for people who have visited it, where they could sign and wish the dragon well, I guess.  Of course, I signed it.  I thanked him for providing art in unexpected places, and then went on my way.  It was truly something to behold, and I’m so grateful that i got the chance to see it.  You never know when you’ll see random art.  I kept my eyes out for a couple other things, but nothing of interest caught my attention.  Oh well, there’s plenty of other places to walk that I’ll be able to find something.  I just thought I would share this with you.

Enjoy your day.  🙂

Boston Red Sox Cap

I was putting on a baseball cap this morning, and picked up my Boston Red Sox cap.  It’s grey.  I picked it up  while I was on tour in the city of Boston.  And as I put it on my head, I was reminded of this story that I’d like to share with you now.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I had decided to go out exploring.  I wandered down to the theater, walked around some shops, in and out of various establishments, drinking in what the city had to offer.  I had seen a cute guy walking ahead of me, but he disappeared into a store, so I paid no more attention to it.  I went about my day, visiting three or four different other shops.

About an hour had transpired, and I decided that I needed to grab something to drink.  I approached the street vendor, ordered my Diet Coke, and then took it to sit on a nearby bench.  As I was walking to the bench, I noticed the cute guy from before.  He was currently engaged in a passionate conversation on his cell phone, but for one brief moment, our eyes caught.  It was almost like a scene out of a much more progressive advertising campaign for Diet Coke (you know…one of those that would be shown overseas, but never here in the United States since half of the country seems to be left back in the stone ages).  Anyway, I smiled, and tipped my soda in a “hello,” and then proceeded to sit down.  I sipped the carbonated goodness, watching the street performers in front of me (a doo-wap group, and a juggler) and just took in my surroundings.

About five minutes later, the guy came up to me, and said hello.  He introduced himself as Patrick.  I introduced myself back as Harry, and we exchanged pleasantries.  He apologized for being so rude on the phone, he would have come in earlier, except he was trying to rectify his bill with the electric company as he was getting ready to move to Jerusalem to study abroad.

I asked him what he was studying, and he mentioned he was going to be a rabbi.  Today was his last day in Boston.

We made small talk, getting to know each other more and more, and after about a half an hour, he said he had a couple more errands to run…things to buy, et cetera, before he left.  Would I like to accompany him.  I said yes, as my call at the theater wasn’t until 7:30 that night and it was only about 2:30 then.  I had nothing else to do but explore.

We walked around, went into some of the shops I had already visited, some new ones, and just continued to talk, getting to know each other.

After a couple hours of this, we started feeling hungry, and decided to go to dinner.  We found a nice out-of-the-way pub, sat down, ordered our sandwiches and salad, and continued to talk.  It was getting close to time for Patrick to head home.  But he said he would walk me back downtown near the theater.

As we were walking back, we passed a street vendor that had all sorts of variations of the Boston Red Sox caps available.  Lime green, purple, red, yellow, brown, rainbow, and grey.  And out of the blue, exactly at the same time, both Patrick and I said, “I really want a grey one.”  No prompting.  It was just out of the blue, something completely by chance.

We looked at each other for a moment, and then, without saying a word to each other, went up to the vendor and each purchased a gray hat.  We put them on as we walked around the city.  We continued our conversation, and then went back to the theater.  He gave me a hug, and wished me well.  I wished him well, and we said our goodbyes.  And he disappeared into the night.

It was a totally random, and completely chance encounter…but one I think of every time I put on that baseball cap.

So, wherever you are in the world, Patrick, I hope life is being kind to you.  I think of you fondly whenever I wear my cap, and always look back on that one day with happiness.

Random Sock

Whenever I take my evening walk, I pass by this sock on the sidewalk.  Just one baby sock.  Left.  Abandoned.  Its mate at home I’m sure is wondering where it is.

I wonder why this sock remains.  Enough people walk down this street…maybe someone might want to add it to their sock collection.  Maybe they would be its rightful owner and want to take it home.  Whatever the case, the sock remains.  I’ve even thought about picking it up…but yet I don’t.

I’ve come to expect the sock now.  I know that after I cross three streets, there it will be, waiting for me.  Who knows who the owner is.  Who knows if it was a boy or a girl.  This sock is indifferent.  To the rain, the scorching heat, the loud traffic noise.  It’s simply indifferent.

Maybe, as I sit here personifying woven thread, the sock is not so much indifferent as it is tolerant.  It knows that there will be exhaust, that people will discuss all sorts of things as they pass over it, that human and animal alike may give it a passing glance and yet move on.

Strange, I think of this sock as a friend now.  I look forward to seeing it when I walk past.  And just like friends, I know that someday that the sock will be gone.  Who knows where…perhaps to a different life.  Perhaps to a new owner?  Maybe its rightful owner?  Or maybe to visit the other abandoned socks at the Sock Hop at the city dump.

In any case, carry forth, little sock.  You’re the bravest sock I know.

Random iPhone Tip

My home button wasn’t working.  And I didn’t know why.  I did a little research, and found this handy little tip.  Thought I would share it for those out there with an iPhone.

Don’t expect these very often, because I am not a technological genius.  I can barely make the iPhone do what I want.  Still…it seemed to work.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Photography Stuff

Since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.  Yay for freedom!

And I thought I would share some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken.  All of these photos are taken by me.  This is the first time I’ve shared any of my pictures on here, or even tried to upload them.  It’s still new..but thought I would share them.

Disclaimer:  I am NOT a professional photographer.  I know nothing about composition, lighting, or any of that stuff.  Just someone with a camera who likes taking pictures, and getting incredibly lucky sometimes.  Sometimes not.

Now, with that out of the way, here we go!  Thanks in advance, if you look through them.


Here are some random thoughts I’ve been having as of late.  I thought I’d put something down…clear my head for more random thoughts.

1.  My son is 16.  S-C-A-R-Y.  We went driving, and he picked it up rather fast.  That’s good…though my heart fell into my feet every time he slammed on the breaks.  God help us all.  😉

2.  If you go to a movie theater, shut up.  No one cares what you think about the plot, what you think about the actors, or whether or not you know someone in the film.  In fact, if you just keep your mouth shut through the entire process, you will be more than fine.  Because believe it or not, your diatribe of useless chatter was not a part of the filmmaker’s vision.  I can guarantee it.

3.  I have a pretty awesome mom.  More on that later.  But it’s nice to know she believes in me.

4.  I’ve been feeling frustrated with my work.  I don’t say career, because the career I had chosen didn’t turn out so well.  But frustrated with the lack of communication in what I do.  There’s just no room for advancement.  But I’m taking steps to remedy that.

5.  I am going back to school and it overwhelms me at times.  Not so sure why…but maybe because I want it so bad.

6.  I wish I was debt free.  Being self-employed, I pay for my own health insurance and it is prohibitively expensive.  And right now, I’m living paycheck to paycheck.  The whole idea with going back to school is so that won’t necessarily be my reality anymore…though who can say.  Can you major in millionaire?

7.  The weather in Seattle has been very bipolar as of late.  We’ve been seeing sun, and then all of a sudden, we see torrential rain.  It reminds me of Florida.

8.  Second Warrior in Yoga is difficult.

9.  I’m happy I’m a gay man.  Today is pride, and for all of those out there celebrating, coming to terms, or not sure whether they like themselves because of this one thing…I can tell you it gets better.  And easier.  But number 3 helps quite a bit.

Have a great day.  🙂