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What you are witnessing is real.  Do not judge.

I needed a dose of nostalgia for some reason this weekend, and so I started Friday night, and continued until Sunday morning at 2:32 PM.  And managed to watch the entire first season of…

wait for it…


Yes.  THAT COSBY show.  cosbyshow_main_max

I needed me a little Theo, a little Vanessa, a dash of Denise, some Sondra, lovable Rudy, and of course Clair and Cliff.  All the heavenly Huxtables on my television screen, streaming from Hulu like manna from heaven.

It was exactly what I needed.

I don’t know why I needed to watch the show, however, as I sat there watching each and every episode the thing that struck me was how much they all loved each other.  You could just tell, from beginning to end of each episode, that it was all done with love.  And I get that they are television characters…not real at all.

But I remember growing up, and when this show was on the air for the first time, and just really, really, REALLY wishing that my family was as centered, as loving, as fun as this family.  I won’t go into what a horrible childhood I had, because it wasn’t horrible at all.  It was functionally dysfunctional.  And I’m all the better for it.  We all seem to get along much better as adults than independently-minded kids.  Go figure.

Anyway, it was a nice blast from the past to visit the Huxtable clan, and see them all in their silliness.  And yes, I will probably continue and watch the rest of the seasons at some point.  Because it makes me happy.

God bless you, Huxtable clan and Hulu Streaming.