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Here are some random thoughts I’ve been having as of late.  I thought I’d put something down…clear my head for more random thoughts.

1.  My son is 16.  S-C-A-R-Y.  We went driving, and he picked it up rather fast.  That’s good…though my heart fell into my feet every time he slammed on the breaks.  God help us all.  😉

2.  If you go to a movie theater, shut up.  No one cares what you think about the plot, what you think about the actors, or whether or not you know someone in the film.  In fact, if you just keep your mouth shut through the entire process, you will be more than fine.  Because believe it or not, your diatribe of useless chatter was not a part of the filmmaker’s vision.  I can guarantee it.

3.  I have a pretty awesome mom.  More on that later.  But it’s nice to know she believes in me.

4.  I’ve been feeling frustrated with my work.  I don’t say career, because the career I had chosen didn’t turn out so well.  But frustrated with the lack of communication in what I do.  There’s just no room for advancement.  But I’m taking steps to remedy that.

5.  I am going back to school and it overwhelms me at times.  Not so sure why…but maybe because I want it so bad.

6.  I wish I was debt free.  Being self-employed, I pay for my own health insurance and it is prohibitively expensive.  And right now, I’m living paycheck to paycheck.  The whole idea with going back to school is so that won’t necessarily be my reality anymore…though who can say.  Can you major in millionaire?

7.  The weather in Seattle has been very bipolar as of late.  We’ve been seeing sun, and then all of a sudden, we see torrential rain.  It reminds me of Florida.

8.  Second Warrior in Yoga is difficult.

9.  I’m happy I’m a gay man.  Today is pride, and for all of those out there celebrating, coming to terms, or not sure whether they like themselves because of this one thing…I can tell you it gets better.  And easier.  But number 3 helps quite a bit.

Have a great day.  🙂