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Random Art and Sock Update

Hello blog followers (wahoo!  I’m up to nine!)  🙂

Today, on my walk about, I took a couple photos.  They’re all right, but what I really was after was getting a photo of that sock that I mentioned in a previous post.  And just as I figured, the sock has moved on.  Maybe a coyote took it.  Or maybe it finally grew enough bio material inside its cloth fabric that it just got itself up and moved away.  In any case, it was gone.

No, I wasn’t heartbroken over the sock.  But I was a bit sad.  It was like seeing an old friend who is suddenly gone, no warning, no anything.  Just gone without a trace.  I hope wherever the sock is, he’s happy (it is a he.  And his name is Bunko.  And he has a family who misses him very much).

In other random news, on this walk, I took an unusual turn and ended up in this neighborhood where someone was doing construction on their house.  Well, not at that exact time.  But clearly, their home was in a state of flux, as it appeared to be halfway to shingled, and there were bits of construction-like material strewn about the lawn.

What caught my eye was this.  And fortunately, I had my camera with me.  And I took two photos.  The pictures aren’t that great, but I thought I would share one of them.  Dragon sculpture

Talk about finding art in random places.  Right there, in his front yard.  It was great to see it.  So beautiful, yet not done.  He had carved it out of some trees that had either died, or were on their way to dying.  And now, they have a new life as art.

I was so happy to stumble upon this.

And, on top of the random find, there in the base of the statue, was a guest book that he had left for people who have visited it, where they could sign and wish the dragon well, I guess.  Of course, I signed it.  I thanked him for providing art in unexpected places, and then went on my way.  It was truly something to behold, and I’m so grateful that i got the chance to see it.  You never know when you’ll see random art.  I kept my eyes out for a couple other things, but nothing of interest caught my attention.  Oh well, there’s plenty of other places to walk that I’ll be able to find something.  I just thought I would share this with you.

Enjoy your day.  🙂


Random Sock

Whenever I take my evening walk, I pass by this sock on the sidewalk.  Just one baby sock.  Left.  Abandoned.  Its mate at home I’m sure is wondering where it is.

I wonder why this sock remains.  Enough people walk down this street…maybe someone might want to add it to their sock collection.  Maybe they would be its rightful owner and want to take it home.  Whatever the case, the sock remains.  I’ve even thought about picking it up…but yet I don’t.

I’ve come to expect the sock now.  I know that after I cross three streets, there it will be, waiting for me.  Who knows who the owner is.  Who knows if it was a boy or a girl.  This sock is indifferent.  To the rain, the scorching heat, the loud traffic noise.  It’s simply indifferent.

Maybe, as I sit here personifying woven thread, the sock is not so much indifferent as it is tolerant.  It knows that there will be exhaust, that people will discuss all sorts of things as they pass over it, that human and animal alike may give it a passing glance and yet move on.

Strange, I think of this sock as a friend now.  I look forward to seeing it when I walk past.  And just like friends, I know that someday that the sock will be gone.  Who knows where…perhaps to a different life.  Perhaps to a new owner?  Maybe its rightful owner?  Or maybe to visit the other abandoned socks at the Sock Hop at the city dump.

In any case, carry forth, little sock.  You’re the bravest sock I know.